Message from Chairman

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As a C.E.O of Uni-Tiech Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd, I take it as a pride to make sure that we not only maintain the international standards but also take due consideration of the problems of every employee working for Uni-Tiech. I strongly believe in focused speed to bring continuous growth in the company. We have an integrated and cohesive team of professionals, with required qualities, expertise and excellence in their working areas. Along with other priorities, I believe in environmental friendly operation and make sure that what we do in the company and elsewhere-should not effect the environment adversely.

I would like to thank all the members & staff who are working towards our three dimensional goal of Quality, Commitment & Innovation, whether as part of their professional responsibilities or in their private lives- and urge them to continue these efforts.

Furthermore, I wish to express my gratitude to all medical community and patients for their confidence in our products, as this enables us to continue the search for new solution to diseases that cannot yet be properly treated.

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