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The company started its operation in 1991 with the name of Ansa Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd. Initially company was manufacturing liquid, powders and Injections. At that time the company was striving to establish a wide line of products.

In the mid of 2004, a very renowned healthcare group acquired major share of the company and in accordance to the acquaintance the name was change into Uni-Tiech Pharmaceutical (Pvt) Ltd. The new management relied on the continuous adaptation of the changing environment & requirement of the modern Pharmaceutical industry.

With this mindset the company base was further expanded to the manufacturing of tablets, capsules, injection & dry powder suspensions. A dedicated facility for the manufacturing of Cephalosporin group was built in compliance with the cGMP requirements. Each area has independent HVAC system support. The latest machineries were primarily imported from Germany, Japan, India and China, making it possible to produce highest quality products with extraordinary packing line.

Currently our manufacturing facility is constructed over the area of 30,000 sq ft, with well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory having up to the minute equipment like HPLC, FTIR, GC & Spectrophotometer. Within quality there is Micro Lab for sensitive testing methods.

Our inventory management system is working at its full of produce our products timely. For this we have maintained such an ideal condition that the essence of the materials remains original. Our warehouse are facilitated with all high tech equipment’s which help us to maintain our mentioned standards.

Our organization is tough not in the market since very long but by maintaining the highest quality standards and ongoing research has enabled us to compete in the well-developed pharmaceutical industry. Therefore we do not believe in history because we belie in a colorful and bright future. With this mission Uni-Tiech has come a long way in just few years we are able to produce over 100 products.

It is also worth mentioning that we were the very first Pakistan based company to achieve the manufacturing & registration facility of Bird flu medicine for both local as well as international market. Our products heavily penetrated in international markets like Middle East, US, Europe and Africa. This resulted into the tremendous response from different institutions and certification bodies.

Today, we are being recognized as a responsible and respectable provider of quality healthcare through marketing excellence. It is an utmost desire of Uni-Tiech to provide our customers with such Products and services in the future that they are capable of living a drug free and healthy life after using our products.


Exceeding customer expectations by providing them quality products


To improve our Management System on continual basis in order to overcome this increasing expectations of our customers.

Directs the continual up-gradation for efficient and environment friendly manufacturing technology:

  • Remotes professional and flexible work environment, teamwork and innovative through employee participation and process ownership.
  • Drives customer orientation at all levels within the organization.
  • Monitor and economize the Cast of Quality.
  • Provides fair return to society.