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Environmental Policy

Uni-Tiech’s Corporate Policy on Environmental Management system outlines an organizational framework for systematic identification, control and improvement of environmental impacts and aspects. Elimination of all possible pollutants and environmental hazards is ensured through an elaborate policy. The salient features of the Policy are:

  • Maintaining our Plants, equipment in such perfect shape that they must add value to the environment rather than polluting it.
  • To train our people in a positive direction that they must utilize the resources in such a way that they never harm the environment.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive environmental management system aimed at providing containment and effective disposal of pollutants.
  • Our expectations towards each of our employees are to be conscious of the importance of a pollution-free environment and contribute positively at the individual levels in creating a pollution free environment.
  • Complying with regulations and Environmental Laws.
  • Measuring attainment of Environmental Policy objectives and goals.